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AMERAKIN OVERDOSEAmerakin Overdose has been forged from five very unique individuals.
Cody Perez (lead singer), “The Brick” (drums) Andrew Barichio
(percussion and vox) Freeman Manfree (Guitar),“The Human”
(Keyboards /Sequencing ) each member embodies and personifies an
element of modern Amerakin culture , power, corporate greed, pride,
death, war, sex, money etc…. While the whole planet has overdosed on
Amerakin culture and been consumed by double speak and cross talk ,
western society has lost all hope and embraced the living dead
mentality. Amerakin Overdose urges you to “free your mind and see
what’s inside” scare yourself to death and be reborn a free soul.
In the words of the great John Lydon “this is what you want, this is
what you get….”
In the last year we have self-funded several out of state mini tours
and one multi state tour. We have also self-produced a full length cd
to be released on April 20, 2012; a joint effort between Endless Cycle
Media and Human Studios. We are currently booking shows for several
small west coast tours throughout the summer and fall of 2012. In
addition to touring we currently have plans to self-produce several
professional music videos to support the singles released from our
Self –Titled debut album.
National Act’s we have supported locally
Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Quensryche, Mushroom Head,
American Head Charge, Blue Felix, DJ Star Scream (Sid Wilson of
Slipknot), 16 Volt, 36 Crazy Fist, American Me, Adema, Spineshank,
Primer 55, Pig Hammer, Mary Magdalene, One Eye Doll, Straight Line
Stitch, The Devastated, Motograter, Kyng, , Genocide Syndrome, All
That Remains, Cousin Cletus, Black Heart Vacancy, Wicked Wayz, Young
London, Hinder, Eye Empire, Interim Divine, Kill Devil Hill, Boondox,
Kill Devil Hill.