Hands Off Gretel

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Hands Off GretelHands Off Gretel are a 4-piece alternative rock band, formed late 2014 in South Yorkshire, UK.

Harnessing a raw, dynamic energy and channelling it through songs that really get stuck in your head, H.O.G. is a band you have to see.  

The band launched 5th February 2015, but have hit the ground running as 17yr old singer/songwriter

Lauren Tate has already built up an impressive following based on her solo work. Approaching 2M views on her YouTube channel and over 28k followers across social media, with a regular stream of new followers that is growing bigger by the day. 

Within 2 weeks of launch the band have been played twice on BBC Sheffield Introducing, have 1,500 FB likes and over 4,500 views on their first video. Soundsphere Magazine, picking them up immediately as Track of the Week and numerous great reviews following this! 

The band emerged from a music venture and friendship between singer/songwriter Lauren Tate and guitarist Sean. Following a tumble down the stairs at rehearsal and a couple of broken bones, the pair started a new band together, with Lauren moving onto rhythm guitar for the first time, writing songs inspired by their joint love of 90’s bands. Joined by Danny Pollard on bass and Laura Moakes on drums, the four came together for the first time in October 2014 to breathe life into a collection of songs written by Lauren over the summer. 

The band will now work hard to build their online presence, with the ethos of getting as much of their music heard as possible and doing as much as they can themselves. The band are big believers in fan engagement and regularly interacts and update content to maintain a strong online presence, so it shouldn’t take long for this band to grow! Their new Facebook page accumulated 800 likes in 2 days! The band launched with 3 free download tracks, a new video and a series of live dates, which will be built upon in the coming months as word begins to spread. The band’s first gig will be Sat 7th March at the Barnsley Rock & Blues Club.

Twitter @handsoffgretel