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PressKit-collage One

Emerging from the ashes of previous projects (Absolution, TaperedMind, Soles Dei, Them Lucky Bastards), the phoenix that is Digital Collapse has risen with veteran finesse in their self-titled debut EP, produced by Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Call Me No One, Dark New Day). The album showcases their knack for writing accessible music that’s not overly reliant on catchy hooks, but on cold hard musicianship. The vocals (Corey Kipps) effortlessly volley between melodic ease and intense screams. Creative guitar lines (Ian Zuckerman, Tyler Metz) breathe a bright but gutsy energy, framed by gritty, crafty drumming (Tom Godin).




Kate Hensler : PR with Architekt Evolve –


Twitter: @DCollapse