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Beer shotDriven by a passion for music, Promethium are bringing back old school Metal with a 21st century twist through enigmatic song writing and powerful, energetic live shows. Promethium are the by-product formed from the remaining residue of a five band meltdown in Lancaster. A volatile reaction to the tired Thrash which predominated the city’s scene, our five intrepid heroes compounded to serve up Heavy music for the purists of metallurgical alchemy.

Promethium create a tense interaction of classic instrumentation and emotive vocals. Restrained clean guitar tones gently simmer and bring Gary’s raw melodic vocals to boiling point before they suddenly erupt with distortion and compel the singer to chemically react, overflow and burn the mic. In a controlled condition, and with tasteful, seasoned precision, the drums and bass infuse these opposing elements. The loud, rocking results are Promethium; a great stress relief.

The band has built up years of experience in the studio, and this clearly shows in their live and promo work! Their live shows are energetic, unpredictable and most of all entertaining. They hold the stage like they have always belonged there and make it their own.

Twitter @Promethiumband