Some are living. Some are dying. And some are brought back to life… 

For a decade now, EL ROYCE is still flying the colors of Hard-Rock, fueled by the spirit of the 90′s: with heavy guitars, a thunder of drums, surgical groove and a bunch of anthems built for stadiums. 

Founded in 2002 in Nantes (Deep South Brittany, France) with a DIY ethic, EL ROYCE has regularly released material on their own label (Novatrax): 5 records (4 EP’s, 1 album). 

With serious mileage under the belt and shows all over France, EL ROYCE has shared the stage with Adam Bomb (USA), Bad Machine (FI), Billy Gaz Station (Fr), Black Rain (Fr), BruXisme (Fr), Daria (Fr), Dolly (Fr), George Lynch (USA), Hellscrack (Fr), Jumping Jack (Fr), Last Brigade (Fr), Luke (Fr), Monica & The Explosion (UK), Oil Carter (Fr), Out Of Embers (UK), Sexypop (Fr), Subsonic (Fr), The Bellrays (USA), The Bushmen (Fr), The Datsuns (NZ), The Tommy’s (UK), Trepalium (Fr), UK Subs (UK)… 


Richard Royce: Vocals / Guitar

Steff Desideri : Bass / Vocals

Lolo Vernier : Guitars / Vocals

Tof Rossini : Drums



CD EP « Deaf For Life » (4 tracks) – Novatrax 2012 CD ALBUM « WYSIWYG » (13 tracks) – Novatrax 2008 MCD EP « El Royce » (4 tracks) – Novatrax 2006 CDR EP « Direct Live » (5 tracks) – Novatrax 2004 CDR EP « Diesel » (8 tracks) – Novatrax 2003




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