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band photo 3Looking to blend their many diverse influences into a cohesive musical statement, Circle 7 is a hard rock band from San Diego, CA who have their sights set on writing songs that blend heaviness, groove and melody and will have an immediate and lasting emotional impact on their listeners.   

The roots of Circle 7 can be traced back to the lifelong friendship and musical partnership of Daniel Cease and Ryan Holliday.  After meeting in high school and writing music together ever since, the two have been through many different bands and projects that have had potential but never seemed to have that perfect synergy of personal and musical compatibility.  This all changed when the foundation of Circle 7 came together in 2006.  Named Six Reasons at time and consisting of current band members Ryan Holliday, Daniel Cease, Isaac Rauscher and Ryan Welcher, the band released their first record “Uninvited Life” in 2009. Following the release, the band played many shows, songs started getting radio play and people started taking notice in the local and regional scenes.  Although things were moving in a positive direction for the band, they decided to take a step back and see how they could take their sound and style to another level.  

After taking almost a year writing new music and auditioning vocalists, the band found Simon Alcantara and the lineup was complete.  With their new vocalist and renewed musical focus, the band decided to change their name to Circle 7 and released their new record “In Between” on June 15th, 2012.  Armed with their energetic live show and a collection of powerful songs, Circle 7 is ready to make their mark on the music industry worldwide.