the idol Dead

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cackbabbath-hammerfest backstage 1Forming through a mutual love of all things riff hungry and sleazy, The Idol Dead mixed up influences as diverse as Rachel Stamp, Foo Fighters, and The Pixies to come up with their own version of big booted rock n roll! The Dead aren’t looking to change the musical landscape, but neither are they happy to be ‘just another rock band’ – so they infuse every tune with Ebola catchy melodies and riffs you could build a house on. Live, they’re like a sonic hand grenade, going off in all directions, backing up their furious music with a passionate stage show most bands would find hard to match.

The Idol Dead believe in the DIY ethos –they started their own label, Raaa! Records, to release their debut ‘Die on my Feet or Live on my Knees’ … self-funding … but for Dark Little Hearts they turned to their fans for help.

An army of iDolls and ZomBoys ordered and paid for the album in advance – within 6 weeks the band had 100% of what they needed to start the whole process – and were simply blown away by the dedication and support of their fans.

Singer Polly Phluid says ‘It seems such a great way of making music, asking the fans if they’d like a new album then going and making it for them. Obviously we’re not making money out of this, and have only asked for cash towards the recording. But, it’s created such a great vibe for us, that I can’t imagine not doing this again! We’re overwhelmed, happy and humbled by the support we have received and can’t wait to get this bad boy out.’

‘We’ve gone all out on production, taking our time to craft a record worthy of the fans. We’ve even drafted in Claire Cameron form Leeds based groovers The Claire Cameron Band to sing a duet! This really is gonna be the album of our careers to date!’

The boys worked with Leeds audio genius Carl Rosamond, who mixed their 2010 debut Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees. Carl and the band worked over 2 months to create the record they really wanted to make – big riffs, big vocals, big drums and big solos. So the watchword was ‘big’.

Dark Little Hearts is available through RAAA! Records (, the bands website (, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, HMV Digital and 7Digital … as well as Crash and Jumbo records in Leeds … and through Demon Doll Record in the US.

the punk energy and rock n roll swagger of The idol Dead, on the other hand, begins powerfully then ignites with a little help from 2 fire breathing ladies!’ – Metal Hammer.

‘ … they really create a buzz among the followers that have come out to show their support on this cold November evening. With heavy riffs, sweet guitar solos, rugged vocals, powerful drums and technical bass lines it looks like The Idol Dead have an exciting and promisingly fun musical career ahead of them.’ – Leeds Music Scene

‘ … their frenzied, youthful energy became apparent, it became infectious and soon the crowd started to grow…’ – Get Yer Rock Out

‘… I haven’t heard anything in this genre like this.  It is unique as it is cleverly structured, with great lyrics that paint highly imaginative pictures. Well produced and highly intriguing – definitely an all-round winner.’ –  Crimson Moon Webzine

The boys from Leeds have done it again, rewarding their fan base with another brilliant record, and undoubtedly recruiting more iDudes and iDolls along the way. Great albums are something to behold, but great second albums are even better.’ – Soundsphere Mag

The Idol Dead are:

Polly Phluid – Vocals,

Tim Jeffs – Lead Guitar,

KC Duggan – Guitar,

Dan Sugden – Bass,

Nish Gonsalkorale – Drums

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