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tourend 1Toronto , CA’s Violet Society stormed to the forefront of the new evolution of the Metal genre with the release of the self titled EP “Violet Society” in September of 2012 . Bringing all variety of our influences to our music , we focus on creating a sound that is our own. Heavy chugging, Duelling guitars, Powerful and explosive drums, melodies, solos, and a strong leading vocal that has truly made the voice of Violet Society. Also focusing on bringing the experience of a hard hitting show with power and aggression, keeping the audience on there feet. Very enthusiastic about what we do, we truly believe in what we are doing. Not changing the genre of metal, but simply fitting in with some of the greatest bands in the world. If you’ve ever seen a Violet Society show , you won’t know what’s next. Everything thing that comes from the stage is true, from our reactions and the way we move, to our music and the way we make you feel.

“Great set at the Velvet Underground. This Maple quintet delivered a party-rocking shot of metal/rock adrenaline done in same vein of Slipknot and System of A Down kicking through chugging guitars butting against Scarmato’s growling vocals while getting kids to mosh in front of the stage. With band members sporting a leafs jersey and Jack Daniels t-shirt (even glow bracelets were flying around) you can’t fault these dudes for their youthful enthusiasm. Complete musicianship by a band that can hold their own.” .
-Lonely Vagabond

Just Finishing our first Tour , travelling around Ontario and Laval, QC for 12 days during the first two months of 2013 with The jagermeister sponsored band Diemond’s . We have plans of recording a new single after the release of our first music video. A release for the video will be in spring of this year (2013) for “Eye of Lies- Violet Society” off of the self titled EP. We’ve also released a single called “Seize The Night- Violet Society” which can be found on our reverb nation as a free download. As a band we will never stop doing what we love, and will be playing shows consistently throughout the year. Selling our merchandise and spreading the word about our music is what you can find us doing on our spare time. Bringing new material on stage really shows who we are as a band, and keeps our audience on there feet and wanting more of Violet Society. At all of our sets we play new music, including a few off of the EP. Our main goal would be to Produce our own first record and spread the word about who we are with our live performances. We have opened up for a few bands and great musicians throughout the year : Diemonds, Baptized in Blood, Party Cat, The envy, Hello Beautiful, Die Mannequin, Brian Byrne, A primitive Evolution, Raised emotionally dead .. and plan on continuing the list.

This is who we are , as a band we a strong individuals and best friends since the beginning of this band. We will always share that relationship and bring great a mutual involvement to our music. Our influences show in the smallest ways, all you have to do is listen for them. Violet Society will continuously bring our fans and the world great music to enjoy. We look forward to playing in front of all of you and sharing this experience. It is truly the best ride we have all been on.
-Violet Society

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Self titled “EP”
track listing : Eye of Lies
Russian Roulette (for my Juliet)
Ashes to ashes

Single Released January 2013 : Seize The Night
All Written and compossed by Violet Society


Name of band memembers : Jason Scarmato -vocals

Phillip Miceli – Guitar

Anthony Tarasio – Bass

Marco Gallucci – Drums

James Ruzicka – Guitar

 When the band was formed : 2006 in September

 City/prov. : Toronto, Ontario

 Genre: Metal, Hardrock , metal core