We are all familiar with that ‘I know something good will happen’ feeling. It has been years since a band has come around that the second you put those headphones on, you are taken away on a sweet ride and for some magical reason everything is OK.

This is what Stereoma offers. Their soon to be released EP “I Will Be Your Friend” covers an array of subjects like self doubt, heartbreak, disappointments and love. You can tell Stereoma truly knows what they are writing about and so, you can’t help but to live these experiences with them- automatically living up to the EP’s title “I Will Be Your Friend”. This may be Stereoma’s first EP, but the members are by no means inexperienced. They are founding members of other bands that have enjoyed success in the PA/NY/DE area as Selah.Selah and Ton-Taun and nationally as Missing Pilots sharing the stage with such acts as Tv on the Radio, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Titus Andronicus Murder by Death, Deer Hunter, don caballero, No Age, Mates of State & Future Islands. For the last four years songwriter Nick Curran (vocals, guitar, synth) has been performing with childhood friend Brad Topping (guitar, synth), and recently with Rob Nye (bass), Josh Wood (drums) and Doug Hynes (Guitar).

I Will Be Your Friend” embraces what can be best described as shake-you-to-the-core songwriting accompanied by music that feature captivating vocals with surprising blends of overblown guitars, hypnotizing mellotron , piano and organ melodies, playful xylophones, that ultimately create a warm and welcoming sound. Their music brings bands like Weezer, MGMT, U2, Tom Petty, Arcade Fire. The songs are unafraid to be pop songs yet unrepentantly rock. The EP opens with the anthemically optimistic and occasionally sarcastic ‘Turnaround Kid’ and ends with the comforting words and lush atmosphere of the title track. The songs capture you, bind you and unapologetically do what music is supposed to: take you home and make out with you.

After all STEREOMA just wants to be everyone’s friend.

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SoundCloud: Twitter: @StereomaBand