Faith In Violence

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USE Ewell

We’re a 3-piece modern rock band from Leeds, UK.  Made up of two brothers and a mutual best friend, the 3 of us have played in separate bands over the last 10 years but came together in 2013 and found a found which draws on each of our past experiences.

We play rock music which shoots straight down the middle, appealing to mainstream and radio- friendly rock audiences, as well as those into heavier genres.  Our songs are packed with big riffs and catchy hooks, so there’s something for everyone.

Our first single, ‘You Made Your Bed (Now Lie In It)’, was received extremely well by fans in the UK and the US and received a great deal of airplay.  This led to radio interviews, sold-out local shows, online magazine features and an ever growing fan-base.  We got back into the studio at the beginning of November and our brand new single ‘Hell For You’ is out now and available for free download.

We’re also through to the grand final of the Soundwave Music Competition, a major unsigned competition in our area, which has ranked us in the top 10 out of nearly 400 bands and will see us play the O2 Academy in Leeds in February.  Tickets for this and other shows are available now.

Danny Furness- Lead vocals, Bass

Chris Furness- Drums

Mark Thirkill- Guitar

Twitter: @FaithInViolence Fanpage: @FIVArmy