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The Stockton Project is an Indie band out of Maine and New York. After playing together and separately for forty years, three savvy musical veterans have joined forces to write, play and produce original rock.

In their youth, New York natives drummer Tim Woitowitz and guitarist Ron Casillo gained major label attention in the band Parody. After his time in Steel Rail Express, Tim now plays skins for the Belfast, Maine-based Juke Rockets Blues Band.
Since 1975, Keith Stover has been the driving force behind a variety of Maine hard rock bands including Mad The Hatter, Window, Fallout and Allison Thunderland, composing over 1,000 songs in the process. In addition to singing, playing bass guitar and keyboards, Keith produced The Stockton Project‘s first album, “American Rock,on sale now.
The Stockton Project was founded by Tim Woitowitz, who works with Waldo County’s at-risk youth and teaches music at the Belfast Community Outreach Program in Education, a music program for disadvantaged youth. Tim’s goal is to raise enough money to build a new music addition for the program. Profits from their debut album, American Rockwill go to the BCOPE Building Fund.

American Rock was released for Mp3 download on 10/6/12. The 15-song album ranges in style from blues to hard rock to pop.

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