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                                                                                                                                       Slumlord Radio is a Grand Rapids/Flint based band (..and a trio too!! Just like Grand Funk!!). Formed in the slums in 2010, they try their best to look and play fancy. Somehow it all still comes up scuzzy and fuzzy. A dash of punk, sludgey metal, and good ol’ fashion Detroit style rawk adds up to their famed power slop styling’s (HUGE in Belgium and Mexico City). Live it is like watching a bunch of drunken convicts who are out on work release. Tearing up stages like a bear ripping up a pop- up camper. They have played for Kings and Queens and for bums in the alleys eating pork and beans. So watch for them in a town near you. The band is comprised of these handsome devils:-Mike “Ace” Todd (Bass/ Backing Vocals) – The man is a demon on the ol’ bass guitar, playing the four string s.o.b to the tune of destruction, all for giggles. Body slamming the Thunderbird, just like the infamous “Widowmaker” himself. He enjoys Marlboros, BBQ’s and snorkeling.-“Capt.” Tommy Erickson (Vocals/Guitar) – Lear jet flyin’ and limo ridin’.  With a voice that sounds like he smokes 3 packs a day and washes it down with whiskey, he is actually quite a nice young man. Gives good hugs.  David Flynn (Drums) – Besides being a delightfully masterful drummer, he is the type of guy you would want your daughter to bring home. The man has chops galore and a shiny wardrobe to match. David is also known for his recording prowess, modeling career, and his extensive collection of Camel 1980’s collectables.The band has two EP’s under their belt “The Cats Pajamas” and “T.R.S.S.C” . Both record by Mr. Flynn himself in his Flint studio located under an overpass